Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chilli paste - Mum's secret recipe

My mother's chilli paste is really good. She always make a lot and keep it in the freezer. There is no preservatives and colouring added to it. My mother kept her chilli paste in plastic jar in her freezer and whenever she wants to use it, she will take the jar out from the freezer and wait for it to unfroze. She will scope up the quantity she needs and put the jar back into the freezer. It could last several months in the freezer and still taste good.

She gave me some and I kept mine frozen in the freezer just like her. I took mine out today because my daughter wants me to cook her squid and shrimp curry.

Here's the chilli paste, just taken out from the freezer.

After it unfroze,

Cooked it with prawn, squid and onions. Add some santan to it and it taste really really good.

My mother use her special chilli paste to cook chicken curry too and needless to say the taste is superb. Oh ya, my mother will add some curry powder as well when she cook chicken curry.

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