Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Birthday Cake

My SIL bought me birthday cake every year but I told her to stop. I need to practise a lot in cake decoration, so I will bake a birthday cake for everyone in my family on their birthday including my ownself. I will try to bake a different cake each time.

Actually I wanted to try the mousse this time but I could not find some of the ingredient I need. I wanted to make 奶香水果慕斯 but I cannot get gelatin in pieces form. The lady at the bakery supplies shop told me gelatin in pieces form are not sold in Malaysia as it cannot obtain the halal certification. She told me to substitute that with gelatin powder but I don't know the conversion of piece to grams for the gelatin. I try the German Black Forest this time.

I cannot figure out why the cake was a little bit salty and I thought it was the cadbury chocolate but now I remembered I have added too much salt to the batter.

Here's the recipe I use:

30g chocolate emulco and 45g cocoa powder mixed with 105g hot water

6 egg yolks, 80g castor sugar, 1.5g salt

75g cooking oil, 90g milk

180g superfine powder, 3g baking powder, 3g sodium bicarbonate

6 egg whites, 100g castor sugar and 1.5 tsp cream of tartar

For the decoration I use 350g non dairy fresh cream and some blueberry jam, peaches and grapes.

It is difficult to stick the chocolate flake on the side of the cake, you can see it is a bit uneven.

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