Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tau pok and golden needles soup

I always use the slow cooker to cook soup. It is really easy and simple. I cooked tau pok and golden needles (dried lily bud) soup today.

The picture below are the ingredients:

some groundnuts

some golden needles (put 2 together and type a knot)

some tau pok

some chicken pieces

The method:

1. put some water in the slow cooker

2. throw in the groundnuts and golden needles and just let it boil in the slow cooker. I left it boiled over 4 hours

3. Then put in the tau pok and chicken pieces

4. The soup is ready when the chicken pieces are cooked. It take about 1 hours. Try the soup first before you add any salt then add the salt according to your preference.

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