Monday, August 3, 2009

Fried dong fen (cellophane noodles)

I like to cook using simple ingredients from what I can get from my refrigerator. I don't follow a recipe for what I cook and so each time the ingredients and the taste may be differ.

I fried some dong fen (cellophane noodles) today. As usual I use the ingredients I have in my refrigerator.

Some minced meat

Some round cabbages (cut thin strips)

Some carrots (cut thin strips)

Some scallions

Some fried eggs

Some dry shrimp

Some chopped garlic

Some dong fen (soak to soften it first)

For seasoning, I use some light soy sauce, some dark soy sauce, a bit of salt and a bit of pepper powder.

First fried some eggs and cut into small pieces and put aside for later use. Then heat up the wok, pour in some cooking oil and brown the garlic. Put in the carrot, follow by the meat then the dry shrimp. Fried for a while then put in the seasoning - pepper powder, follow by the light soy sauce then the dark soy sauce. After that put in the cellophane noodles and eggs and stir fry till all the cellophane noodles is coated with the soy sauce. Add in some water and fry for a further few minutes till the cellophane noodles absorbed the moisture. Put in the scallions, stir fry one minutes and turn off the fire. The dong fen is ready to be serve.

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