Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cooking pork ribs and eggs


10 pieces mushroom (soaked in water to soften it then cut into half, keep the water that you soak the mushroom with)

500g pork ribs

Carrot (I did not state how many carrots because it is entirely up to you, if you like carrot you can have more. Cut them into large pieces)

Hard boiled eggs (again the quantity is entirely up to you but take out the shell first)

Garlics (leave the skin where possible)

Cooking oil

Light soy sauce - 2~3 tbsp

Dark soy sauce - more or less 50g

Sesame oil - more or less 25g

Chinese rice wine - more or less 50g

Pepper powder


1. Heat up the wok. Pour in some cooking oil to brown the garlic. Put in the carrot and stir fry it a bit then follow by the mushrooms. Next put in the meat. I normally sprinkler some pepper powder over the meat at this stage. Stir fry all the things until you see the meat is slightly cook.

2. Put in light soy sauce, follow by the sesame oil then the dark soy sauce and last the Chinese rice wine. Stir fry a bit then add in the water that you use to soaked the mushroom. The water should rise slightly above all the things in your wok. Add in some salt.

3. Put all the hard boiled eggs into a cooking pot and transfer all the things in your wok to the pot.

4. Cook/simmer it over low heat for about 1/2 hour. Check it once in a while if the water almost dry up then you should add in more water.

Additionally, you can also add some tau pok or bean skin if you like.

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