Sunday, August 2, 2009

Simple noodle soup

I have some yellow noodles left so I cooked a big pot of noodles soup tonight. And again the ingredient I use is very simple.

Some round cabbages (cut thin strips like in salad)

Some carrots (cut thin strips)

Some scallions

Some filament sticks

Yellow noodles

Some bean skin (photo shown below, I don't know the exact name of it but it can be found at the stalls that sell yong tau foo items. I bought it from the wet market but I kept it frozen when not in use and it could last more than a week)

As for seasoning I only use a few drops of olive oil, a few drops of sesame oil and a big tablespoon of gochujang. But you can add in more gochujang if you like your soup hot and spicy.

Put the cabbages and carrots into the pot. Add water and a few drop of olive oil. Let it boil until all the vegetables turn soft. Put in the bean skin and the gochujang. Let it boil for a while then put in the noodles, scallions and filament sticks. Let it boil for about 5 minutes and turn off the fire. Put a few drops of sesame oil over it and it is done.

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