Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fried noodles

I fried some noodles for lunch today. I use very simple ingredients.

1 packet of yellow noodles

some sliced meat

some sliced fish cake

a lot of mustard leaves (I like vegetables so I put a lot of it. Use the stem also, don't waste it)

some chopped garlic

Can also add some prawn and squid, but I did not today.

For seasoning just some pepper powder and black soy sauce.

The yellow noodles is already a bit salty by itself so you don't have to add anymore salt to it unless you like salty food.

This is the yellow noodles I use.

The noodles ready to be eaten.

Heat up the wok and pour some oil to brown the chopped garlic. When garlic is slightly brown, put in the meat then follow by the fish cake. Then put the pepper powder follow by the dark soy sauce. Next put in the mustard leaves and the stem follow by the noodles. Add enough water to cover all the noodles and cook over high heat. When the water dried and the noodle is soft, turn off the fire. The noodle is ready to be serve.

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