Friday, May 29, 2009

Rose garden

I was lucky to get the opportunity to stay at my Technical Manager house in Hamilton and then my MD's house in Auckland when I visited our NZ HQ in 1995.

Below is my Technical Manager's garden, it look awesome to me because I don't see flowers blooming this well in my neighbourhood. I like the roses the most.

He has a few plum trees too. Unfortunately I didn't get to eat any plum because they weren't ripe yet.

And, this is my MD's grapefruit tree. Too bad I didn't get to taste it.

Both my MD and Technical Manager has a great family and they are great host too. I had a great time staying with them and the memories will last forever.

Few years later I tried to grow some roses in my garden but it didn't turn out well. Guess the weather here is just not suitable for roses.

After a while the leaves became dry and full of holes, I guess there must be some bugs that is eating the leaves. I have got rid of all the rose plants.

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