Friday, May 29, 2009


I love gardening when I am not baking. Lately I have been crazy over baking that I have neglected my garden for a while. I have a small garden and every now and then I like to move things around a bit so I don't get bored looking at the same things all the time.

I love plants that grows on the water. I had all the lotus plants for more than 6 years already and they are still growing very well and blooming every once in a while. I have both the yellow and pink flower lotus.

I love plant that bear fruits too. Since I have a small garden I grow most of the fruit plant in the pot except the grape plant. Those I have in the pot are longan, pomelo, mini apple, pomegranate and 2 different type of limes.

Guess, I have to spare some time tidying up the garden already.

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