Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fondant birthday cake

I have to bake a birthday cake today and I was eager to try out the fondant cake decoration I learned last week. I was worried that it will not turn out well because it will be my first try on a real cake.

I use only fondant icing. I couldn't find gum tragacanth at both the bakery stores near to my house so I can't make any gum paste. I don't want the cake to look too plain so I came up with some simple design for the cake.

I have to get some colouring for the fondant but both the stores that I frequent don't have it. The sales lady at one of the store told me I could use normal food colouring. I took her advice and the colour turn out quiet good.

The cake decoration turned out better than I expected.

I use butter cake and frost it with butter cream before I covered it with the fondant icing. Probably I have added too much milk to the batter of the butter cake because as you can see in the photo the cake looked a bit damp. But overall, the cake is still okay.

Fondant cake is actually nice to see but not nice to eat. The fondant icing is very sweet. When I eat the cake I threw the fondant away. The fondant icing I made actually tasted quiet good because I added butter vanilla flavouring to it. But I can't eat it because it is too sweet.

It is actually fun decorating and work on the design for the cake and I will try out a few more soon.

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