Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mini chocolate cupcakes with butter cream

The butter cream I made yesterday was very sweet. I used 230gm icing sugar with 113g unsalted butter. It is just too sweet for me. I gave it another try today but I change to another recipe that I got.

Today I use 120gm (recipe said 240gm) icing sugar with 105gm margarine. Both my mother and my brother said it is still sweet. But my SIL and I think today's butter cream is okay. I like the recipe that I use today. However, I will give it another try some other day and will reduce the icing sugar to 80gm.

I bake some mini chocolate cupcakes to go with the butter cream today. I like the chocolate cupcake recipe. It is moist and delicious. In the picture below you will see that the cake cracked at the top but it is not dry.

My brother said the chocolate cake is bitter but I felt it is okay when eat together with the butter cream.

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