Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coconut bun & Mini sausage bun

I love baking bread the most because I love the aroma from the baking filled up my kitchen. The aroma make me feel good guess that is why I like to go to bakery shop or just walk by them will also be enough.

I baked some coconut buns and sausage buns yesterday.

The buns are soft and nice.

I tried to roll the buns as round as possible but every time it failed. The roundness just dissapear during the final proofing. I wonder if there is a special way to roll the buns?


  1. Look interesting to me. Is it soft or hard wor.. ;) Does it smell like indian bread again

  2. It's soft and nice this time. Mum and CT tried it. I can bake some for you this Friday you can share with CL.

  3. Wow, nice. See how good are you on the baking .. ;)