Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baking- bread

I enjoy baking but somehow I always fail at baking bread. I just don't know what went wrong as the bread always turned out too hard. I use the oven for baking. I have tried several recipes that I found in books and even the one that my mum's friend showed me. But everytime it just failed. Maybe I should buy a bread maker instead? I heard it is easy, just throw in all the ingredients and you get the bread you want.

But before that, I thought maybe I should just give it one more try. Anyway, I got this recipe for wholemeal bread from which I haven't try yet. And most importantly, the instruction is very easy to follow.

I got almost all the ingredient for the recipe except the soya bean powder and so I substitute it with milk powder instead and guess what happened?

The wholemeal loaf turned out unexpectedly well. I couldn't believe it myself. The loaf was soft and the texture was nice. It tasted good as well.

I thought it was just one time lucky and so I try the recipe again the next day and it turned out just as good as the first one.

Wow, guess I don't need a bread maker now.

For those who will like to try out the recipe, you can find it in

I will try out other recipe soon.

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