Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kung Pao Chicken

At first I thought I will make a mess in the kitchen frying the chicken pieces but I was wrong. It was really easy and I was glad the oil did not splash all over the place.

The recipe was really simple.

Cut chicken breast into bite size and marinade it with light soysauce, chinese wine and sesame oil for about 1 hour. Add some corn flour to the chicken you marinade before frying. Stir fry the chicken until about 80% cooked.

For the sauce: mix dark soysauce with chinese wine and some sugar.

Heat up some oil then put in some chopped garlic and stir fry it until slightly brown, add in some dried chilli pepper. Stir fry slightly until dried chilli pepper turn dark red. Pour in the sauce and then add in the chicken and you can add some salt. Stir fry for a while then add in the cashew nuts and spring onions. Add in a few drops of sesame oil that's it. Serve hot.

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